For the first time in his life, Donald Trump turned himself in to police in Manhattan Criminal Court, making him an arrested former president.

Trump answered "Not guilty" to 34 felony counts of fabricating business documents when he stood in court wearing his trademark blue suit, white shirt, and red tie.

The case centers on purported hush-money payments made to Stormy Daniels by Michael Cohen in order to shield Trump's 2016 campaign from claims of an extramarital affair.

The Trump Corporation's ledger entries and check stubs, according to the prosecution, were forged. They also describe similar actions taken by Trump's friend David Pecker.

Alvin Bragg, the district attorney for Manhattan, was present in court and had been threatened with death by Trump.

Judge Juan Merchan warned Trump's defense team to tell their client not to discuss the case in public.

Trump was led to La Guardia Airport by the Secret Service after being freed on his own recognizance.

The indictment of Trump has given his reelection campaign new life, with Republican officials and people embracing him as the target of a "witch hunt."

Trump supporters and counterprotesters were present outside the courthouse, and the arraignment received extensive media coverage.

Since his indictment, Trump has raised millions of dollars for his campaign and has subsequently traveled back to Florida to turn the day into a campaign speech. The whole thing was a significant and bizarre moment in American history.