Google has introduced AI-powered chatbot support for image search on Chrome, making searching easier for users.

The chatbot can help users to find and identify images, as well as answer questions about them. by using image

Users can interact with the chatbot via voice or text input, and it uses natural language processing to understand their queries.

The AI-powered chatbot uses machine learning to improve its responses over time, making it more accurate and efficient.

The chatbot is designed to work seamlessly with Chrome, allowing users to search for images without leaving their browser.

The chatbot can recognize and provide information about landmarks, animals, celebrities, and more. with the help of image

The chatbot's image search capabilities are useful for a range of applications, from research to e-commerce.

Google's AI-powered chatbot is part of the company's ongoing efforts to make search more intuitive and user-friendly.

The chatbot's image recognition technology is highly accurate, thanks to Google's extensive machine learning capabilities.

With the introduction of the AI-powered chatbot, Chrome users can enjoy a more seamless and efficient image search experience.