The iOS 17 update is expected to bring major changes to the iPhone and iPad, including a new design and features like customizable widgets and a new Control Center.

The new update may also include improvements to Siri, allowing users to have more natural and contextual conversations with the virtual assistant.

iOS 17 could introduce new camera features, such as ProRAW support and a portrait mode for videos.

Apple is also expected to enhance privacy features with the new update, including additional protections for user data and a new privacy dashboard.

The iOS 17 update may bring enhancements to Apple Maps, such as augmented reality navigation and more detailed maps.

Improved performance and battery life are also expected to be a focus of the new update.

The update may also introduce new health features, including the ability to track menstrual cycles and sleep patterns.

Apple is likely to introduce new accessibility features with iOS 17, making the iPhone and iPad more user-friendly for people with disabilities.

The update may bring improvements to the Apple Watch integration, allowing for more seamless use between the two devices.

Overall, the iOS 17 update is expected to bring significant improvements and new features to Apple's mobile devices, further enhancing their capabilities and user experience.