SpaceX deliberately exploded a Starship prototype during a test flight to collect valuable data for future missions.

The SN11 test flight was intended to demonstrate a controlled landing, but the explosion occurred before touchdown.

Despite the explosion, SpaceX considers the test a success and plans to use the data to improve future Starship designs.

This incident highlights the risks and challenges of developing and testing cutting-edge space technology.

SpaceX's Starship program aims to revolutionize space travel and enable human colonization of other planets.

The Starship spacecraft is designed to be fully reusable, with the ability to launch multiple times without major refurbishment.

SpaceX has faced setbacks and failures in the Starship program but continues to push the boundaries of space exploration.

The explosion was a setback for SpaceX's plans to conduct orbital flights with Starship later this year.

However, the company remains optimistic and is already preparing for the next Starship test flight.

The Starship program represents a major step towards achieving Elon Musk's long-term vision of making humanity a multi-planetary species.