A salary offer from the government to halt a string of strikes was rejected by teachers in England.

The majority of teachers who participated in the ballot, according to the National Education Union, the largest education organisation in Britain, rejected the offer as advised.

The rejected offer comprises a £1,000 one-time payment this year and a 4.5% average wage increase for the following fiscal year.

This year, tens of thousands of teachers across Britain went on strike in protest at a wage award below inflation.

The union designated April 27 and May 2 as additional walkout days.

It has been requested that the education minister returns to the negotiation table with a stronger proposal.

More salary increases, according to the administration, would only make inflation worse.

Wales' teachers have called off their strike after deciding to accept a salary offer that includes a 3% pay raise for 2022–2023.

The main teachers union in Scotland has also agreed to a salary agreement to stop protracted strikes.

By January 2024, the pay agreement in Scotland would result in a 14.6% wage increase for the majority of teachers.

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