Nita Ambani's favorite food items

The Ambani family is a big fan of food, let's know what Nita Ambani likes to eat.

You know that Nita Ambani takes great care of her health and because of this, her morning starts with dryfruits.

Come, the whole Ambani family is pure vegetarian, but Nita Ambani strictly follows and takes care of her diet and because of this she eats white egg omelette after dryfruits.

After this, Nita Ambani takes soup and green vegetables for lunch, which is very nutritious.

Nita Ambani likes beet juice very much and she drinks it daily which is very beneficial.

Although Nita Ambani follows her diet, but eats street food many times with her husband.

Nita Ambani often likes to have healthy breakfast during evenings.

Nita Ambani's dinner is also simple, at night she likes to eat green vegetables, soup, and sprouted grains.

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